Fishin’, not Catchin’

fishing on Pipestone Lake in Canada

fishing on Pipestone Lake in Canada

My son, Joshua's first fish

My son, Joshua’s first fish

One morning I got to  live out the old adage, “that’s why they call it fishin’, not catchin’”.  I awakened @ 5:00am, rolled out of bed, got all my tackle together and drove 17 minutes to my favorite spot for catching brown trout, after all it was opening day.

I arrived @ 5:40am to discover that it was way too dark to fish effectively with a spinner (panther martin 1/16 oz. holographic rainbow trout), so I got my waders on and waited in the driver’s seat while listening to country music (there’s no better fish-catchin’ tunes than country music), not until it got light enough to see, but just long enough to not be able to resist the urge to turn the headlights back on and start fishing!!

Unfortunately my last lure of my favorite type (see above) got hung up on the opposing bank within the first five minutes, and I had to fish the rest of the time with a far less savory type.

It was a steel-gray pre-dawn with snow/sleet piling up on my army jacket, and I had to leave by 7:10am to make it back in time to fix breakfast for the kids and get them to school.  there was time for just one more cast (thoughts of the previous year’s final fishing trip came boiling back up when a similar situation lead to a 16.5″ inch fish of beauty).  I made the perfect cast, to the perfect spot and reeled at the perfect speed…and wham!!!

My lure hit the eyelet at the tip of my fishing rod.

Driving home with my arthritic right hand held in front of the heat (it was pulsating in pain from the 32 degree cold it had endured), I realized something…I love fishin’!

Jesus told Peter, the most famous fisherman of all time, follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.  Peter did, and Jesus did.

Do you love fishing for men…you know telling others about Jesus?  Do you get all excited and roll out of bed too early, throw your stuff in the car and cast your story out there time and again eagerly anticipating the sudden tug on someone else’s heart that Jesus brings?  Sometimes you cast aggressively into the junk with a heavy, weedless jig for largemouth bass.  Sometimes you have to use a slow technique like a Carolina Rig or a Drop Shot to get the wary to commit.  Sometimes you throw a worm  and a bobber on and bring in one sunfish after another.

Sometimes you don’t catch…but that’s why it’s called “fishin’”.

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