Peach fruits Suomi: Persikan hedelmiä

Peach fruits Suomi: Persikan hedelmiä (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love to get a farm-fresh peach from the grocery store and take that first succulent bite.  Flavor slams into my mouth as juice dribbles over my lips and down my chin.  I swipe the juice with the back of my hand as I slowly enjoy the bite I have just taken.  Every bite is good, but that first bite is intoxicating!

Whether or not you like peaches, there is a similar experience that you enjoy when you consume the fruit of your choosing.  Everyone enjoys the fruit.  Few people plant the trees/vines/brambles/bushes.

As long as you put off planting, you will be addicted to the grocery store.  Consuming, but not creating.  Requiring, but not replenishing.  Dependent upon the work of others, unable to achieve succulence on your own.

Every pastor I have ever talked to wants to know how to have more leaders in their church.  Church after church suffers from the proverbial 80/20 rule (80% of the work is being done by 20% of the people).  They are constantly looking for that grocery store curriculum/program/event that will give them succulent fruit without any labor.  The simple truth is that fruit comes from a seed planted, tended, cared for, pruned, matured and harvested.

The good news is that your church can be an orchard, and you can kick the grocery store habit to the curb.  The great news is that you can enjoy every stage of the process, every season of the year.

The promise of Dedication.  The relief/joy of Salvation.  The exuberance of Baptism.  The submission of Membership.  The commitment of Maturity.  The sacrifice of Ministry.  The fruitfulness of Leadership.

Want fruit?  Sow a seed, and watch it grow.

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