Road Trip

Stephen R. Covey’s “Begin with the end in mind” is a great truth, just see “Mazes” in my own blog to see that; but the other truth about beginnings is that you have to start somewhere, and it isn’t generally where you want to end up.

Rand McNally Road Atlas America's 2009

Rand McNally Road Atlas America’s 2009 (Photo credit: Wouter Kiel)

Think back to your High School Geometry class – it takes two points to create a line.  Point A is where you are and Point B is where you want to arrive.  You don’t want to be at Point A, but Point A is where you need to be to begin.

Focus on achieving your dreams with a realistic schedule of success.  A great way to do this is to break down the process into stages with a box that can be checked upon completion of each step.  This changes the act into an adventure to be lived instead of a delay or a detour.  This can be done with a career track, a project you are working on, raising children or even a family trip.

It takes me 12 hours to drive to my in-laws.  It seems to take forever!  I started applying this simple process to that drive, and now it seems as if it only takes half the time.  Instead of driving from Cuba, NY to Paducah, KY; I now drive from Cuba, NY to Erie, PA.  From Erie to Cleveland, OH.  From Cleveland to Colombus, OH.  From Colombus to Cincinnati, OH.  From Cincinnati to Elizabethtown, KY.  From Etown to Paducah, KY.  This breaks it down to 2 hour increments – none of which is too daunting.  At the completion of each step, we pause and get gas or food, and stretch.

Early on, it is easy to get discouraged with how much of the process remains.  During this part of the process, it is essential to feed the dream.  The bigger the dream grows in your sight, the less onerous the steps that lie before you will seem.  On our trip to the in-laws, we talk a lot about Grammie and Grampie that we are going to see, what we will be doing while we are there and about the fun we have had the previous times we’ve been there.  By the time we have finished that topic, we have settled into the rhythm of the journey.


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