Provision not Windfall: Tax Return Season

English: Basket of fresh picked Gravenstein ap...

English: Basket of fresh picked Gravenstein apples, British Columbia, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What are you going to do with your tax refund this year?”

For a whole segment of our population, tax season means extra income.  This is why I feel that this could be a timely post.  A windfall originally meant a tree, or fruit from a tree, that got blown down unexpectedly…hence, “wind fall”.  This would mean extra firewood, lumber or fruit with a minimal amount of extra work (the tree/fruit was already down, you just had to pick it up).

Now imagine the opposite reality – driving along in your automobile, when all of a sudden it won’t shift into third gear.  Your transmission is shot and, depending upon your vehicle, you are in need of $1500 +/-.

Two possible scenarios:

1. windfall leads to splurge.  breakdown leads to debt.  debt leads to stress and possible doubt.

2. windfall leads to saving.  breakdown is paid out of savings.  savings leads to thankfulness and faith.

In the olden days, a ton of apples on the ground all at the same time would lead to fresh apples to eat for a few days, apple butter, applesauce, dried apples and any number of other possible preservation techniques that would mean apples all year long.  Today the apples would rot.

Unfortunately, the same also tends to be true about tax return money.  Last year a friend of mine went to go buy a flat screen tv at Wal-Mart.  They came back without one…there were none to be had.  Wal-Mart had sold out.  When they asked the sales associate, their response was, “tax return season.”

What if God really is providing all of your needs…ahead of time.  Wouldn’t that be considerate?  Wouldn’t that be just like the God who first foretold Christ’s sacrificial death while speaking to Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Wouldn’t life be more joy-filled and blessed if you realized God’s provision of your needs instead of indulging in the latest eye candy.

“Go the ant you sluggard and be wise…”

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