Getting a YouTube Education

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No, I am not promoting YouTube as an accredited degree program rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of cute, kitten videos.

I am saying that YouTube has become one of my go-to resources for learning how to do just about anything.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video has got to be worth 10,000.  I have learned how to clean out an EGR system on a 1996 Toyota Camry, butcher and debone a deer carcass, solve software glitches and replace the belt on my Maytag dryer (and many more random and useful things), all from watching it done on YouTube.

There are other online sources for similar resources (,,, etc.), but YouTube is the one I go to first (there’s a YouTube app on my phone after all).

Here’s what I like best about this type of learning:

1. It’s free (that is after you have paid for your internet and computer or phone and data package).

2. It’s fast – you don’t have to read through a manual.

3. It’s convenient – learn how to properly hill poatoes in your garden…while in your garden!

4. It’s private – no one else has to know that you didn’t know 🙂

5. It’s global – learning from other cultures has never been easier.

What have you learned to do by YouTubing it?

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