How to Walk on Water

Boat on the Sea of Galilee in 1898. Descriptio...

Boat on the Sea of Galilee in 1898. Description given at the source: “(…) photograph of Boat on the Sea of Galilee. It was created in 1898.” (text from same source) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other than the obvious “Wait until the pond freezes over” response, the great truth here is that you can’t…unless God tells you to.

You remember the story, Peter and the other disciples are in a boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee when over the top of the windswept waves, Jesus walks.  Thinking it’s a ghost, the disciples become frightened.  When Jesus reveals that it is him, Peter asks Jesus to call him to himself…on the water.  Jesus does, and all 12 disciples obey.

That’s right, all 12 obey.  Peter obeys by getting out of the boat and walking on water, and the other 11 obey by staying in the boat.

There are so many application points, but let me make a few (you can add yours in the comments section):

1. You don’t lack faith just because you refuse to do unreasonable things…unless God Himself has told you to, not someone else telling you to.

2. You don’t lack faith just because you don’t do what another saint is doing.  The eye cannot tell the hand it is useless just because it can’t see, etc.

3. God provides.  Sometimes it’s in the shape of a boat.  Sometimes it’s in the shape of a miracle.  Pray for the miracle.  Plan on the boat.

4. Rowing takes discipline.  Some disciples prefer quicker, easier and more exciting methods.  What is an undisciplined disciple anyways?

5. Ask God, wait, listen and then get out of the boat…if He told you to (not just a burrito from last night).